Barnstable County is working for you.


Commissioners Office

There are three County Commissioners. They are elected at large on a partisan basis for four-year, staggered terms.

Ronald Bergstrom (Chatham), Chair

Term: 2019-2023 Phone: (508) 776 8556

Sheila Lyons (Wellfleet), Vice-Chair

Mark Forest (Yarmouth), Commissioner

Their responsibilities include:

• Direction of County agencies;
• Preparation of budgets for submittal to the Assembly of Delegates;
• Care of County property;
• Supervision of revenue collection and fund disbursement;
• Reporting on financial and administrative condition of the County;
• Proposal of measures for Assembly in action;
• Power to veto ordinances;
• Appointment and removal of County Administrator and all County employees.

County Commissioners Meetings

Meetings are held every Wednesday, generally at 10:00 AM in the Commissioners Conference Room (Superior Courthouse) at 3195 Main Street in Barnstable Village. All meetings are open to the public and are streamed live. WATCH LIVE HERE or WATCH PRE-RECORDED MEETINGS

Additional Meetings

Pursuant to Article 3 – Executive Branch, Section 3-3 (e), Powers and Duties, of the Home Rule Charter, the County Commissioners file at least on a semi-annual basis a report with the Assembly of Delegates informing them of the financial and administrative condition of the County.

The Commissioners will also meet as needed, at least on a semi-annual basis, with the Assembly of Delegates, informing them of the financial and administrative condition of the County.

The organization and administration of the Executive Branch of Barnstable County Government is set forth in the Administrative Code.

County Administration banner

Jack Yunits, Jr.
County Administrator
Phone: 508-375-6771

Stephen Tebo
Assistant County Administrator
Phone: 508-375-6603

Owen Fletcher
Executive Assistant
Phone: 508-375-6648

Justyna Marczak, IPMA-CP
Human Resources Director
Phone: 508-375-6646

Nancy Cushing
Payroll & Benefits Coordinator
Phone: 508-375-6647

Sonja Sheasley
Communications Manager
Phone: 508-375-6896


Elizabeth Braccia
Director of Finance/Treasurer
Phone: 508-375-6915

Stephen Amara
County Accountant
Phone: 508-375-6640

Patricia D. Rogers
Assistant Treasurer
Phone: 508-375-6645

Kara Mahoney
Internal Auditor
Phone: 508-375-6639

Priscilla Ellis
Finance Assistant
Phone: 508-375-6975

Jennifer Frates
Chief Procurement Officer
Phone: 508-375-6637