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Assembly Clerk and County Clerk


Barnstable County logoJanice M. O’Connell

County Clerk and Clerk of the Assembly of Delegates

NOTE:  If you need to contact the Clerk of Courts please call 508-375-6600 for directory assistance.  The Assembly Clerk and County Clerk do not serve the state court system.


3195 Main Street, Rt. 6A, Barnstable County Complex Barnstable, MA 02633

Assembly Clerk and County Clerk:  508-375-6761

Each municipality on Cape Cod (15) elects a delegate to represent their municipality as an Assembly Delegate.  The next election for Assembly Delegate will appear on the state election ballot in November 2018.


Assembly Delegate nomination papers for the November 2018 election are now available.  You can obtain nomination papers …..

  • from any Town Clerk’s Office on Cape Cod
  • from the Assembly and County Clerk’s Office at the Barnstable County Complex on Rt. 6A in Barnstable, or
  • from the Secretary of State’s Office Elections Division in Boston

Candidates must submit nomination papers to local registrars of voters for certification no later than 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 24, 2018.  Candidates must submit their certified nomination papers and a receipt from the State Ethics Commission showing that the candidate has filed a Statement of Financial Interest (SFI).  The County Clerk will accept a candidate’s certified nomination papers beginning on June 4, 2018 and up to 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, August 21, 2018 (and no later).

NOTE:  A Statement of Financial Interest (SFI) receipt is NOT the same as a Conflict of Interest receipt.  If you have any questions regarding this requirement please the County Clerk via email or telephone for clarification and assistance. 


Duties of the Assembly of Delegates Clerk:  

  • The Assembly Clerk drafts ordinances and resolutions on behalf of the Assembly, reviews ordinances that have been submitted for form and content and prepares reports for committees dealing with ordinances.
  • The Assembly Clerk must have a working knowledge of the Barnstable County Home Rule Charter, and serves as a resource to Charter Review Committees.
  • The Assembly Clerk must also be knowledgeable of the Barnstable County Administrative Code, County fiscal procedures and budgets in general, Robert’s Rules, previously adopted ordinances within the County, as well as other laws that are applicable to Counties in general and governmental bodies.

The Clerk of the Assembly of Delegates was originally elected by the Delegates for a two year term that ran concurrently with the terms of the Delegates.   As a result of a change to the Barnstable County Home Rule Charter in 2000, it was recognized that the Assembly Clerk is an employee of the County and is not subject to formal election procedures.

Currently, the Assembly Clerk serves as County Clerk for Barnstable County.