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Public Records Guidelines


If you wish to make a public records request under M.G.L. Chapter 66, Section 10 and Chapter 4, Section 7(26), please follow the guidelines below:

Records Access Officer

The Public Records Access Officer for the Barnstable County is Owen Fletcher.

How to Request Records

If you would like assistance in identifying records and/or forming your request, please call Owen Fletcher, Records Officer, at (508) 375-6648.

To make a request, you may either contact Owen Fletcher to set up a meeting for an in-person request or submit your request in writing by hand delivery, by facsimile to (508) 375-6648, by email to, or by first class mail to the following address:

Owen Fletcher
Public Records Access Officer
Barnstable County
3195 Main Street
Barnstable, MA 02630

We suggest making requests in writing to reduce confusion.  In your request, please provide your email address, mailing address and telephone number and specify the type of record you are looking for and the time period (year or date) of the record you would like.

Records will be provided electronically if available unless you specify that you are unable to receive documents in this format, specify your preferred format and provide a mailing address for your request.

When will I hear back on my request?

Within ten business days following the receipt of your request (as defined by 950 CMR 32.06)(2)(e), we will respond to you in writing and confirm receipt of your request. We will also advise you of the status of your request by either providing the records or identifying:

  • the records that are not in our custody, possession or control (with guidance if we know where these records may be sought);
  • the records that we are withholding in accordance with the public records law;
  • the time-frame within which we will be producing the records; and/or
  • a request to you for additional time or a modification of the scope of the request (in the interest of getting the records to you as soon as we can at the lowest cost);
  • if applicable by law, a good faith estimate of the fee to produce the requested records, and
  • your appeal rights.