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Barnstable County Departments provide a variety of programs and services.

Below is a complete list of programs and services that Barnstable County offers to municipalities, residents, businesses, schools, and visitors. Services are listed in alphabetical order.


There are 22 4-H Clubs countywide, from Bourne to Provincetown, teaching hands on education, projects may include animal and equine science, healthy lifestyles, consumerism, STEM science, Junk Drawer Robotics, creative arts, agriculture, dog training and handling, environmental stewardship and more. Click here for Barnstable County 4H

AmeriCorps Cape Cod

The vision and mission of the AmeriCorps Cape Cod program is to offer a diverse group of trained adults a 10-month, full time, residential living opportunity serving the critical environmental and disaster preparedness needs of the fifteen towns within Barnstable County. ACC helps across 4 focus areas: Natural Resource Management, Disaster Preparedness and Response, Education, and Volunteer Engagement. Click here for AmeriCorps Cape Cod

Agriculture Technical/Diagnostic Assistance

Program serves as a resource for accurate, unbiased information on plant management for municipal agencies as well as for agricultural producers, and members of the Green Industries. Click here for Agriculture Technical/Diagnostic Assistance

Adult Nutrition Education

A variety of nutrition education programs are available and can be customized for an adult audience. Click here for Adult Nutriton Education

Bathing Beach Monitoring Program

We sample and analyze over 350 marine and freshwater beaches weekly, which adds up to over 4,300 samples per season. We test the water for two different types of fecal bacteria; Enterococcus in marine water, and E. coli in fresh water. Click here for Bathing Beach Monitoring Program

Buy Fresh Buy Local Cape Cod

Program connecting the public to local farms and seafood harvested on Cape Cod. Click here for Buy Fresh Buy Local

Cape Cod Medical Reserve Corps

The mission of the CCMRC is to engage volunteers to strengthen public health, emergency response, and build community resiliency. Click here for Cape Cod Medical Reserve Corps Services

Child Sexual Abuse Advocacy

Children’s Cove provides a compassionate, efficient, child-friendly facility for child abuse intervention. Click here for Child Sexual Abuse Advocacy

Coastal Processes

The Coastal Processes Specialist provides technical assistance to the communities of Barnstable County on a variety of coastal land protection and management issues. Click here for Coastal Processes

Coastal Explorer

The 4-H Coastal Explorer is a unique educational vehicle available to area schools, organizations, town beaches and libraries throughout Cape Cod. Click here for Coastal Explorer

CDC Public Health Associate Program (PHAP)

BCDHE hosts one CDC PHAP intern who focuses on the area of food safety, specifically farmers markets and shellfish. Click here for Public Health Associate Program


Our goal is to increase the number of compost sites that accept food waste, and to make food waste diversion an economically viable option for local businesses. Click here for Cape Cod Composting Network Services

CRS - Floodplain Coordination

The County-wide CRS Coordinator helps towns to apply to the CRS program, improve their ratings and earn higher discounts, and help maintain the activities to keep those discounts in the future. Click here for CRS Coordination


The County Dredge helps towns reduces maintenance costs (70% below market rate), keeps waterways navigable for boats, reduces nitrogen and phosphorus build-up, and replenishes sand on beaches where there has been erosion. Click here for County Dredge

Emergency Planning

As BCREPC (Barnstable County Regional Emergecy Planning Committee) has developed over the years, it has seen its role expand to “All Hazards” emergency planning to address homeland security, meteorological, and public health issues that may affect the region. Click here for BCREPC Services

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Program

The primary goal of the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Program is to work collaboratively to promote and enhance environmental, health and safety compliance in the workplace and beyond.

Fertilizer Certification

Exam, certification, and regulatory information per statewide nutrient management regulation by the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture (MDAR). Click here for Fertilizer Certification

Fire Training Academy

To provide current, high quality, safe and realistic fire and rescue training from beginning to the most advanced levels. Click here for Barnstable County Fire Rescue Training Academy

Food Pantry Projects

Nutrition Educators visit County food pantries to show low income individuals and families how to utilize pantry available foods in healthy recipes. Click here for Food Pantry Projects

Food Safety in Service Industry

Program to ensure a safe food supply while reducing foodborne illness risks by teaching proper sanitation and food-handling practices. Click here for Food Safety in Food

Food Safety in Home

The Nutrition Team provides education to consumers to support healthy and safe food at home with recommendations and techniques. Click here for Food Safety in Home

Groundwater Guardians

In conjunction with the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension, the Cape Cod Groundwater Guardians seeks to provide educational materials and opportunities to school-aged children related to issues around water quality. Click here for Groundwater Guardians

Grant Development & Technical Assistance

The Resource Development Office is available to help municipalities with grant development and technical assistance. RDO also offers educational workshops. Click here for information about grant assistance

Hazardous Materials Reporting (Tier 2)

Facilities covered by EPCRA (Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act) are required to submit an emergency and hazardous chemical inventory form (Tier 2 Submit) to EACH of the following agencies: the LEPC (on Cape Cod, this is the BCREPC), the SERC and their local fire department.

Health Agents - Logistical Service to Boards of Health

Regular environmental staff maintains the readiness and certifications necessary to assume health agent responsibilities in any town that needs increased temporary assistance for any reason.

Household Hazardous Waste Collections

The household hazardous waste programs work closely with towns to undertake new initiatives for recycling and disposal of difficult to manage wastes. Regional collection programs provide convenient, cost efficient collection of hazardous materials such as sharps, flairs, and mercury, for all Cape towns. Small business waste accepted. Click here for HHW Services

Hidden Hazards in the Art Studio

Hidden Hazards in the Art Studio workshops have been designed for artists, educators, and public safety workers to help support the art community while protecting families, pets, and the environment from toxic, corrosive and flammable chemicals. Click here for Hidden Hazards in the Art Studio

Hoarding Task Force

The Cape Cod Hoarding Task Force is an all volunteer organization made up of individuals from many different organizations and disciplines, who have been working together since 2010 to bring information, education and resources to those struggling with compulsive cluttering. Click here for Hoarding Task Force Services

Home Investment Partnership

The Department administers the HOME Investment Partnership Program (HOME), a Federal block grant to state and local governments designed exclusively to create affordable housing for low-income households. Click here for Home Investment Partnership Services

Human Rights Advisory Board Commission

The Barnstable County Human Rights Advisory Board Commission actively promotes equal opportunity for all who live and work in, or visit the county, while recognizing that human rights issues still exist. Click here for Barnstable County Human Rights Commisson

Insect Identification

Insect identification and pest management solutions for residences and businesses, free of charge. Click here for Insect Identification

Landfill Monitoring

Twelve Cape Cod towns currently depend on Department staff for post-closure or operational monitoring of their landfills, while remaining towns stay in continuous communication with landfill monitoring/sampling staff regarding sampling parameters, procedures and supplies and with the Barnstable County Laboratory staff regarding sample analysis Click here for Landfill Monitoring Services

Ask a Master Gardener

Horticulture Clinic staffed by Master Gardeners which provides unbiased research based information for horticulture and gardening questions from the public. Click here for Hort Diagnostic Services

Military Family Outreach

MFOCC, formerly known as Operation Military Kids, supports children, youth and families impacted by deployment by offering camp activities, after-school 4H programs and hosting various events for military families. Click here for Military Family Outreach

Municipal Shellfish Propagation

All fifteen towns within Barnstable County purchase young oysters, quahogs, and other shellfish (also called seed shellfish) from hatcheries that are then planted in coastal waters for the benefit of shellfishing programs. As a service to these towns a bid program was developed to provide greater buying power as a group while reducing costs and improving delivery reliability. Click here for Municipal Shellfish Propagation

Municipality Waste Programs

Cape Cod Cooperative Extension administers several regional hazardous waste programs free to municipalities. Click here for Municipality Waste Programs

Police Training Academy

The Cape Cod Municipal Police Academy is a joint initiative between Barnstable County, the Cape Cod Regional Law Enforcement Council, Joint Base Cape Cod and the Massachusetts Police Training Committee. The newly created “CCMPA” was designed to host state accredited police recruit training in Barnstable County for the purposes of serving the municipal police departments across Cape Cod and the Islands. Click here for Cape Cod Municipal Police Training Academy

Preschool and School-Age Nutrition Programs

The variety of nutrition education programs designed to inform early childhood teachers, young children, and families about the foundations of healthy eating. School Age Nutrition Click here for Preschool Nutrition

Prevention And Wellness Trust

The focus of the Barnstable County partnership is to help fight chronic illness and improve health outcomes on the community level while reducing health care costs. Click here for Prevention and Wellness Trust Services

Public Health Nurse

Our professional nursing staff directs efforts toward educating people about health issues, investigating health problems and providing immunizations, and engaging in community partnerships to identify and solve health problems. Click here for Public Health Nurse


Eligible entities can order supplies, vendors can access bid documents and anyone can link to other sites with helpful information regarding the public procurement process.Click here for Barnstable County Purchasing

Rabies Awareness

The Barnstable County Department of Health and Environment, in conjunction with the Cape Cod Rabies Task Force, continues to assist towns with maintaining control of terrestrial raccoon rabies on Cape Cod.

Regional Network on Homelessness

The Department acts as the convening agency for the Cape and Islands Regional Network on Homelessness. Click here for Regional Network on Homelessness

Regional Transportation Information

The Cape Cod Commission carries out this mission by leading, supporting, and enforcing the development of regional plans, policies, regulations, and infrastructure to guide and manage growth, and by supporting the 15 Cape Cod towns with professional and cost-effective planning and technical support services.Click here for Regional Transportation Information

Residential Underground Storage Tank (RUST) Information & Loan Program

The RUST removal loan provides financing at 0% with a payback period of 10 years. Click here for Residential Underground Storage Tank (RUST) Information & Loan Program

River Herring Network

The River Herring Network is a professional society for river herring wardens & volunteers, and a clearinghouse of information for river herring enthusiasts. Click here for River Herring Network


Southeastern Massachusetts Aquaculture Center (SEMAC) fosters the sustainable development of private/public aquaculture endeavors within the southeastern region and throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by way of a coordinated effort including education, research, technical and economic assistance, best management practices and demonstration projects. Click here for SEMAC

Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Program

Established to provide performance information on various alternative onsite septic system technologies. Click here for (MASSTC)

Septic System Tracking and Management Program

This program provides innovative/alternative septic system compliance monitoring services to fourteen towns in Barnstable County via an internet-accessible database. Click here for Septic System Tracking and Management Program

Septic Loan Program

Aimed at upgrading failed residential septic systems to Title 5 standards. Click here for Community Septic Management Loan Program


Extension Food Safety and Nutrition Educators conduct SERVSAFE® courses for both first-time food safety certification and re-certification. Click here for ServSafe

Shellfish in Habitat Assesment

The Shellfish Habitat Assessment program and the Shellfish Officer Research and Education (ShORE) program assist shellfish growers and town shellfish wardens with monitoring shellfish survival and growth. Click here for Shellfish Habitat Assessment

Shellfish in the Home

Safe Handling, Storing, and Cooking Practices of shellfish. Click here for Shellfish in the Home

Shellfish Workshops and Training

Topics include shellfish farming, Constable training, and technical advice. Click here for Shellfish Workshops and Training


SHINE (Serving the Health Insurance Needs of Everyone) is a state health insurance assistance program that provides free health insurance information, counseling and assistance to Massachusetts residents with Medicare and their caregivers. Click here for SHINE Services

Substance Abuse Council

The Department convenes the Regional Substance Use Council (RSAC) comprised of towns and community leaders from across Barnstable County. Click here for Substance Abuse Council Services

Suicide Prevention

In the area of Suicide Prevention, the Department continued to support the Cape and Islands Suicide Prevention Coalition to promote suicide prevention education and activities. Click here for Suicide Prevention Services

Tick Identification, Prevention & Removal

Programs, materials and workshops designed to educate the public on the types of ticks on Cape Cod, tick-borne disease awareness and prevention, repellants, pet care, and yard care. Click here for Tick Identification, Prevention & Removal

Tick Testing

The public can send ticks in for testing, sometimes at a discounted rate, to learn what disease causing microbes the tick may be carrying, including pathogens that cause Lyme disease. Click here for Tick Testing

Tobacco Control Program

The Program’s education efforts include two annual visits to tobacco merchants in all twenty-seven communities within the service area and assisting local Boards of Health with promulgation and implementation of tobacco control regulations. Click here for Tobacco Control Program

Waste Reduction & Recycling

Barnstable County’s Regional Waste Reduction Coordinator provides Cape Cod’s fifteen towns with technical assistance on a variety of issues related to waste reduction and recycling, including municipal solid waste analyses, pay-as-you-throw program implementation, difficult to manage waste diversion, transfer station operations, guidance on grant funding, and public education. Click here for Waste Reduction & Recycling Services

Water Quality Lab

Public water supplies and public bathing beaches on Cape Cod are routinely monitored for bacteriological, inorganic and chemical parameters to ensure compliance with Sate and Federal Safe Drinking Water Act standards. Water Quality Laboratory

Water Quality Monitoring

Marine program specialists deploy water quality sensors to upload and analyze data for use by Shellfish growers, Shellfish Constables, State and Federal Agencies, Researchers, Environmental NGOs and Fisherman. Click here for Water Quality Monitoring

WET Fest

WetFest educates students about water in fun, interactive environments and offer alternative learning opportunities including structured learning stations and exhibits where students engage in hands-on water activities and investigations. Click here for WET Fest services