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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next household hazardous waste collection, and what can I bring?

Cape Cod has 22 HHW collections each year in seven different regions. Click here for a schedule of the collections that serve your town and click here for a brochure that describes how to dispose of difficult to manage and hazardous waste in your town.



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The Cape Cod Cooperative Extension Horticulture Program operates a Horticulture Clinic which can help you with all your horticulture related questions.  The Clinic is able to answer questions via email, phone, or walk-in using unbiased research based information.  The clinic also offers diagnostic services for insects, plant disease, and plant identification for free.  The clinic is also offers pH soil testing for a minimal fee of $2.00.  To find out more go to;

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What ages is the “Coastal Explorer” mobile marine science program best suited for?

The school program for the “Coastal Explorer” is geared for grades K-7.  The summer “Coastal Explorer” visits are for all ages.

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I found a tick on me…can you identify it?

We can identify ticks and advise you on personal protection measures to prevent bites in the future.  In addition, deer ticks can be tested at the UMass Laboratory of Medical Zoology for the pathogens that cause Lyme Disease as well as Babesiosis and Anaplasmosis.


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How do I get my children into a 4-H Club?

Volunteers who serve as 4-H Club Leaders have a maximum number of children they determine would be best for each club setting, there may be an opening but most likely not so why not start your own 4-H Club it’s much easier than you think. You have guidance and support every step of the way!

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Do you have any ServSafe classes scheduled?

All upcoming classes will be listed in the Nutrition Education and Food Safety section of our website. If Extension has no classes scheduled, you can also look for classes on or Google “ServSafe” in your area.

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