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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get to Cape Cod?

You can get to Cape Cod by car, bus, plane, and boat. Once you are on Cape Cod, you can also use public transit, take a scenic train ride, and enjoy bicycle and walking trails. One of the best online guides to travel to, from, and around Cape Cod is the Smart Guide:

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I want to take part in some of the walking events I’ve heard about that are held around Cape Cod. Where can I learn more about them?

Barnstable County sponsors a project known as Cape Cod Pathways to encourage the creation and use of a network of walking trails across the Cape. Leaders of the Pathways project organize periodic “walking weekends,” which offer more than 20 walks and hikes in various locations around the Cape, and occasional “Cape Walks,” which lead participants from one end of the Cape to the other over nine days. More information about Cape Cod Pathways and these events is available online:

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