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Barnstable County Strategic Plan Activities

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A pro-active and open government is one that listens, responds and is accountable to the needs and concerns of  all citizens in our diverse and dynamic region.  As Commissioners and citizens, we believe that this requires adherence to the following core principles:

The Mission of Barnstable County is to “promote and sustain a pro-active government that enhances the quality of life for the citizens of Barnstable County”.
Collaboration within county departments, and between county departments and towns, businesses, non-profit organizations, institutions, and other stakeholders.

Innovation in service delivery and program design, ensuring that the County remains at the cutting edge in providing programs and services to towns and citizens.

Efficiency, delivering high quality programs that are cost effective.

Fiscal Responsibility, combined with transparency and accountability to ensure that diverse views are considered and decisions are grounded in a thorough analysis of costs and benefits.

1. Continuing coordination in public health & human services

2. Promoting County services & operations to citizens through the OpenCape network.

3. Ongoing environmental protection of coastal, water and wastewater resources.

4. Enhancing economic opportunity.

5. Increasing energy self-sufficiency.

6. Encouraging affordable housing options.

A county government that enhances the quality of life for citizens of Barnstable County requires an understanding of the needs and opportunities facing our region, and a clear plan of action to direct resources toward meeting needs and making the most of opportunities.  this Strategic Plan will help us chart a course for cape Cod’s regional government over the next five years by articulating clear goals and policy priorities; inspiring continued innovation in services and programs; and allowing us to measure progress, adapt to change, and communicate information about County services , programs and projects.

Working together each of us can help ensure that Cape Cod remains a special place for all of us who enjoy it today, and for future generations.



Barnstable County Board of Commissioners

Click here to view our Barnstable County 2014-2018 Strategic Plan