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2019-2020 Charter Review

A Charter Review is established in accordance with

  • Barnstable County Home Rule Charter Article 9, General Provisions, Section 9-4, Periodic Review, Charter and Ordinances
  • Charter/Ordinance Review at least once in every five years, in years ending in a five or in a zero
  • Current Home Rule Charter Updated 2010

The Assembly embarked on this process as follows…..

6/19/19:  Assembly adopted Resolution 19-02 to establish a Charter Review by the Assembly of Delegates.

*Resolution 19-02: Assembly Charter Review Committee

7/17/19: Public Hearing to solicit comments from the public for Charter Review consideration.

*Public Hearing Notice 7/17/19 for Charter Review Comments

*Public Hearing Written Comments Submitted – R. Beaty, J. Glynn, LWVCC

*List of Topics and Comments for Charter Review Consideration Suggested by Delegates

(Meeting minutes – not yet available – will reflect additional comments from delegates regarding areas of interest for Charter review consideration by the Charter review Committee.  Meeting is available on You Tube video).